Welcome to the Hello World Granny* Cloud!

Say Hello - Connect to mentor the students of Project: Hello World

We’d like you to sign up as a volunteer Granny so that you can find and mentor students using the Hello Hubs in Africa.

As the first Hello Hub is brought online, the children and adults of developing communities in Africa are going to experience the internet for the first time.

Please help us welcome them with a meaningful mentoring relationship.

Whether it’s language support, help with homework, or just talking about life experiences, the diverse skills and interests that you bring can quite literally change the lives of our participants.

How it works

Simply sign up, tell us a little bit about your interests and availability and we’ll connect you with a Project: Hello World participant on your schedule. You’ll then set up a first meeting through Skype and begin what we hope will be a long lasting, mutually beneficial mentorship.

Lets get started…. create an account today!

* granny |ˈgranē|(also grannie )
noun ( pl. grannies ) informal
one's Hello World mentor of no specific age or gender.

Project: Hello World is inspired by the Granny Cloud e-mentorship program pioneered by Dr Sugata Mitra and Dr Suneeta Kulkarni